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And suddenly there is Cagliari: a naked town rising steep, steep, golden-looking… It is strange and rather wonderful, not a bit like Italy. The city piles up lofty and almost miniature, and makes me think of Jerusalem: without trees, without cover, rising rather bare and proud, remote as if back in history, like a town in a monkish, illuminated missal. One wonders how it ever got there. And it seems like Spain—or Malta: not Italy. It is a steep and lonely city, treeless, as in some old illumination. Yet withal rather jewel-like: like a sudden rose-cut amber jewel naked at the depth of the vast indenture. ” D. H. Lawrence, Mare e Sardegna, 1921

Cagliari is located in the South of Sardinia, overlooking the enchanting gulf called Golfo degli Angeli (“Bay of Angels”) that goes from the hill known as La Sella del Diavolo (‘The Saddle of the devil’) because of her shape, to the beach of Quartu Sant’Elena.

The city.

Cagliari, like Rome was built on 7 hills, each of which names a historical district: Castello, Colle di Bonaria, Colle di San Michele, Monte Claro, Monte Urpinu e Tuvumannu.

The city has much to offer even to the most discerned of travellers: sea, sun history, culture, traditions and excellent food.

Cagliari is not only a city rich in culture and history as she also boasts:

  • a gorgeous sandy beach, il Poetto, which is over 8 km long;
  • several parks (I counted 12, but there may be more) that makes of Cagliari one of Italy’s greenest cities;
  • two large wetlands, respectively called Santa Gilla e Molentargius, which are amongst the most important of Europe, and home to thousand of pink flamingoes.

The most noteworthy historical areas inside the city are: Castello with its numerous medieval monuments and churches, the necropolis of Tuvixeddu e and the Roman Anphitheatre. The districts Villanova, Marina e Stampace are also worth a visit as much as are the harbour area and Via Roma.

Cagliari’s International airport can be reached with direct flights from many Italian and European cities. For more information please visit: how to get to Cagliari.

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